Loose Association is a Colorado based “contemporary vintage” jazz ensemble performing original compositions  by composer/performer J. Brian Mullins. World influences, and evocative harmonic lines interwoven within each composition provide the listener with an immersive, and exotic experience. With each piece the group transports the audience through cinematic soundscaping spanning Latin America, Spain, Paris, and Eastern Europe, to name a few. The level of execution and wide array of influences employed by each member brings a dynamic energy, and a tailored sound to each performance.  

 The essence of jazz is embodied through the utilization of complex arrangements elegantly crafted to  provide freedom for each musician to execute a piece, while still putting an emphasis on improvisation and artistic interpretation. The depth of talent displayed by the core members of the ensemble is further extended by the pool of local talent drawn into the group as guest associates. This only serves to elevate the experience by providing a lucid, yet dynamic sound.  The members include J. Brian Mullins (composer/tenor guitar/vocals), Dave Wiley (piano/accordion/bass), Doug Yager (saxophones), and Mike Fitzmaurice (upright bass/vocals). By combining decades of experience playing a wide array of musical stylings for sophisticated audiences both locally, and internationally, Loose Association is able to access a broad pallet of techniques, and an expressiveness which many only strive to accomplish. This access to a rich tapestry of talent, and instrumentation choices, such as the tenor guitar, and c-melody saxophone provides a perfect platform for pushing the ear of jazz enthusiasts everywhere.



Loose Association


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